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Never schlep
to a storage facility again!

  • We pick up, store, and return your belongings for you!

More space
without leaving your home

  • The Box Butler provides reliable storage solutions for all your mini storage needs!

Extra space
for your favorite clothes!

  • Expand your closet with The Box Butler and store your seasonal clothing!
Read the Review Voted Best Storage Service in NYC by New York Magazine

How It Works

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  We've been using Box Butler for the past year or so and it's been a great experience! I've heard so many horror stories about NYC storage options but Box Butler has more than exceeded my expectations...  
* * * * *
Cherie E.
June, 10 2013
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  I'm completely obsessed with The Box Butler! It has revolutionized my life! Who wants to go to a dank and dingy storage space when you can have your stored items delivered right to your door, on time, and with a smile?  
* * * * *
Melanie S.
October, 27 2013
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  Everything about Box Butler is first rate. What else is there to say? It made storage a hassle-free pleasure during our tenure in NYC!  
* * * * *
Leyla D.
October, 21 2013
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  Simply, the best storage service in the NY metro area. You can't beat their top-notch customer service, efficiency, reliability, and competitive rates.  
* * * * *
Vince M.
March, 12 2013
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  They were ridiculously quick and have The Best customer service.  
* * * * *
Jenn G.
March, 30 2013
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  Just finished apartment renovation, and these guys were awesome the whole way: responsive, helpful, punctual, etc. Recommend highly  
* * * * *
Sandy B.
April, 1 2013
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