Full Service Storage Pick-up and Delivery

The Box Butler is a different kind of storage service because we do all the transporting and moving to and from our warehouses for you.  All you have to do is pack up your stuff.

We currently provide our hassle-free storage service to the greater New York City Area. In just three steps, you can de-clutter your home or office and get back some much needed space.

Step 1Step 2Step 3

1. We drop off boxes

You can use your own boxes, or you can use our sturdy, reusable plastic storage containers. If you want to use our boxes, call or order online, and we’ll drop off whatever boxes and packing supplies you need.

2. We pick-up boxes

Once you’re all packed up, call or go online to schedule a pick-up. We’ll come and do all the heavy lifting and bring your storage back to our secure, climate controlled facility. If you have leftover boxes or packing supplies you’d like to return for credit or refund, we’ll pick those up too and credit your account!

3. We store & bring back boxes

When you are ready and want your storage returned, just call or email and we can arrange to have any item or items returned in 48 hours or less.

We Store Anything

You don’t have to use our boxes or containers – you can use your own boxes or plastic containers. We also store irregular sized items like furniture, sports equipment, art, and other odds and ends that don’t quite fit into your cardboard boxes or plastic containers.  We can even take pictures of every item in storage for easy identification and a full visual inventory of all your items in storage accessible to you online, 24 hours a day.


Delivery In 48 Hours or Less

In most cases we can provide storage containers in 48 hours or less, and our $25 charge will accommodate most deliveries in the greater Manhattan area. There is no charge for our initial drop-off or pick-up provided you store with us for 6 months or longer. We can accommodate rush requests in as quickly as 12 hours for a modest surcharge.


Free Welcome Kit

Each of our customers receive a complementary Welcome Kit when they use our service. The Welcome Kit includes inventory forms, tie-locks, labels, cedar bars, and fragrance sachets. Use the inventory forms to keep track of what you have in storage, or track your inventory online in real-time through The Box Butler’s client portal.


Secure, Climate Controlled, Pest-Free Facility

In addition to providing all of our customers with tie-locks to keep their belongings secure, our facility is pest-free and monitored 24/7 with direct lines to the Fire and Police departments. All of our employees are bonded and insured. Click here to learn more about Our Facility.


Flexible Payment Methods

Our preferred payment method is by credit card. We accept Amex, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. Your card is charged monthly and we bill you in advance, on your anniversary date. We offer a 10% discount for advance payment of 6 months or longer. We also accept check, money order or cash.


Still need help? Browse our FAQ, or contact us if you need a human!


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