Pack light and leave your dorm in NYC

Storage that’s just right for you

The Box Butler is a different kind of self storage service that is perfect for students who attend school in NYC and return home in the summer or plan to study abroad.

In just three easy steps, you can arrange to have all of your belongings that will remain in New York to be stored in a safe, secure facility and delivered back to your dorm or apartment when you return to New York for your studies.

We will store almost anything: bikes, skis, furniture, clothes, sculptures, lamps – if you need to leave it behind you can leave it with us! All you have to do is pack up your stuff – we do the rest!



So how does it work for students?

You pack it up

You can use your own boxes or you can use ours – just call or go online to order boxes or schedule a pick-up. We can drop off boxes and packing supplies if you need them.

We pick it up

Plan ahead and call or go online to schedule a pick-up. We’ll come and do all the heavy lifting and bring your storage back to our secure, climate controlled facility in New Jersey.

We bring it back

When you are ready and want your belongings returned just call, email, or go online to schedule a delivery to have everything you need brought right back to your dorm or apartment!


What makes The Box Butler different?

Delivery When You
Need It

In most cases we can pick up or deliver within 48 to 72 hours. During move-in and move-out periods, we get extremely busy and require earlier notice so be sure to schedule in advance!

Online Account Management

Pay your invoice, manage your inventory, and schedule pickups and deliveries – all with the click of a button from your secure online student account.

Secure Boxes and Containers

Every Box Butler box comes with a lock and unique serial number for maximum security. When you need a container delivered, simply reference its unique serial number.

Store Just About Anything

We know you can’t put everything in our boxes – so we also store furniture, bikes, sports gear, mini-fridges, secret hot plates, and even stuff packed in your own boxes.


Special deals just for college students

Special student packages

Our special, all inclusive student packages offer substantial savings and a great way to avoid hauling your whole dorm back home in the summer.

Each package includes free drop-off of empty containers and free pick–up once they’re packed up. When you return in the Fall we’ll return your storage and pick up the empty containers free of charge.

All of our Student Packages require 4 months of storage.

New Student Deals

Deal What’s Included Monthly Price
Freshman 2 large boxes (24” x 18” x 18”),
2 medium boxes (18” x 18” x 16”),
and one roll of packing tape
$90.00 / mo
Junior 2 extra large boxes (24”x 18” x 24),
4 large boxes (24” x 18” x 18”),
1 medium box (18” x 18” x 16”),
and one roll of packing tape
$140.00 / mo

Student Box Rental Deals

Deal What’s Included Monthly Price
Sold out
2 trunks, 1 tote,
and 1 misc (or extra tote)
$95.00 / mo
Sold out
4 trunks, 3 totes,
and 1 misc (or extra tote)
$155.00 / mo

Don’t need a package?
Check out all of our box and space rentals.


Delivery & Pickup Fees

Free pick-up and delivery are included in our package deals (to the right), which require a minimum of 4 months of storage. Otherwise, normal labor charges apply for storage terms of less than 6 months.


Scheduling for Students

If you are using our services for summer storage, please keep in mind that we get very busy in May and August! Scheduling well in advance will ensure that you get pickup and delivery at a time that is convenient for you.

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