“I don’t feel safe going to a storage facility alone.”

Who wants to walk alone through a cold, dark, dusty New York storage warehouse? With The Box Butler, you never have to visit the warehouse or leave your apartment. Our storage Butlers retrieve and deliver your storage items for you, directly to your door or doorman. That means no schlepping, no lifting, no taxi expense and no scary warehouses.


“I don’t want to spend a lot of money”

Let’s face it: New York City is expensive. That’s why we located our secure, air-conditioned, state-of-the-art storage warehouses in New Jersey. Our real estate costs are lower than NYC based facilities and we are able to pass that savings along to our clients. Most customers report saving 25% or more over self storage with The Box Butler. Plus we guarantee for the term of your lease, that your rent will not be increased. If you are currently using a NYC based mini storage space and have been there for over a year, we guarantee we will save you at least 25% on storage with The Box Butler. We will even handle the transfer your items to our facilities for no charge. Please call our office for more details.


“I am renovating / selling / downsizing my apartment and I need a temporary solution.”

The Box Butler is the perfect flexible storage solution for anyone in the New York City area going through a major apartment or life change. Real Estate agents and professional “stagers” often use The Box Butler when staging apartments by de-cluttering the space. Our contracts are completely flexible and easily allow for extension, expansion or termination. So when that sale or renovation comes sooner than you expected, you can simply have your stuff delivered back to you. We also handle large storage items like couches, beds and tables making The Box Butler your complete, affordable mini storage solution.


“I want my storage containers to be ecologically responsible.”

We deliver our storage containers made from 100% recycled plastic and environmentally friendly right to your apartment. No taping. No popcorn. No cardboard boxes and no paper cuts! With The Box Butler storage service, you can save money and the environment at the same time!


“I don’t want to store stuff I’ll never use again.”

Pay to store only those things you want to keep. If you have clothes, books or even large furniture items you no longer want, just let us know. We will pick up all your stuff at one time and donate any soft good items you don’t want to Housing Works, one of New York City’s largest AIDS charities. We will then send you a stamped donation receipt.


“I only need storage for one or two months.”

In New York most mini storage providers lock customers into long contracts and charge stiff penalties for early termination. Not The Box Butler. With a short 2 month minimum you can utilize our very limited rental period to cover everything from moves between apartments to brief stints away from the city we all love. Thereafter you can renew as needed on a monthly basis. Perfect for commitment-phobic New Yorkers.


“I want to store seasonal clothes and holiday decorations.”

XMAS trees, Purim costumes, skis, down blankets, bicycles and any seasonal item can be stored easily using The Box Butler. Look for our special storage service packages that come with free drop-off and pick-up at the end (and beginning) of every season.


“I want to de-clutter my apartment and create more space.”

With The Box Butler storage service, you can store as much or as little as you want. We even have boxes starting as low as $9.99 per month. You will be amazed at what a difference a few boxes can make.


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