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Our medium box measures 27”L x 17”W x 12’H. It is great for storing heavy items from books to file records. It is also ideal for seasonal accessories, holiday decorations or toys for the kids.
Medium Box:
$9 / month
Our large box provides a generous amount of space and measures 28"L x 20"W x 15"H. This sturdy, plastic, lockable box is perfect for storing clothing, bedding, pictures, books, holiday decorations, and other large items.
Large Box:
$15 / month
Our mini closet measures 4'H x 2' W x 2'L. The closet accommodates 2' of hanging clothes such as 20 suits or 15 winter coats plus 8 pair of shoes, sweaters, accessories, or linens on the bottom.
Wardrobe Box:
$33 / month
Your monthly rate: $0 / month
Storage Term:  Over 6 months  /  Under 6 months

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for new customers storing 6 months or longer

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